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Protection Never Looked So Good

Our skilled workmanship and use of high-quality materials create a flawless, finished product every time, guaranteed! We are proud to offer authentic factory paint protection films and are factory certified to install all PPF offered on this website. Because our quality control standards are very high, our staff is among the best in the business. 

Protect Your Paint

The Leader in Protection In The Philadelphia Region

Paint Protection Film, also known as “clearbra,” is a transparent polyurethane film meticulously applied to the vehicle’s painted surfaces, safeguarding its original finish. Once installed, this film becomes virtually invisible, preserving its glossy appearance for many years to come. As certified installers of XPEL Paint Protection Films, we offer the highest quality service.

This robust film provides exceptional protection against chips, scratches, scuffs, and scrapes on any surface it covers. Furthermore, it possesses a remarkable self-healing ability. Even if the film sustains minor damage, the imperfections magically vanish within minutes. Imagine the pleasure of driving your car for years without worrying about the paint being ruined. Not only will it look immaculate, but it will also retain its value. With XPEL PPF, you benefit from a generous 10-year factory warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

21st Century Protection

If it’s painted, it can be protected! Enjoy total piece of mind that comes with the quality of XPEL PPF  paired with our expert staff of installers:

  • Virtually Invisible Polyurethane Barrier
  • Self-healing topcoat
  • Gloss and Matte Finishes Available
  • Tons of Coverage Options
  • Factory 10 Year Warranty

No More Wear And Tear!

PPF helps to protect your vehicle from:

  • Rock Chips
  • Scratches
  • Light dings
  • Environmental elements
  • Impacts

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Why Elite?

Because we’ve protected tens of thousands of vehicles with PPF.

Coverage options for any budget

From a basic wear and tear package (door handles, door edges, scuff areas) to a complete wrap, we can customize your coverage based on your needs and driving style.


Barely visible installation

Most installers buy pre-made kits that have a lot of edges to them. That means that even from far away you can see that your vehicle is protected with PPF. We’re different. We wrap as many seams as possible, to keep your ride looking the way it was when you bought it!


Even interiors!

We also offer screen and gauge cluster protection for modern-day touch-screen vehicles. Replacement of a gauge cluster or radio screen can sometimes be in the thousands, but with XPEL films, we’ll protect it for years to come!

Our Most Popular Coverage Options:

Partial Front


Protect some of the more front-impact prone areas.

Full Front


Protect the majority of front-impact prone areas.

Competition Pack


Protect nearly all front impact areas, including 6" of roof.

Track Pack Plus


Protect all front-impact areas, including full roof.

Full Wrap


Protect every single painted surface.

Compare Film Options:


Gloss Finish 8 and 10 mil thicknesses

XPEL ULTIMATE Plus™ is a high-performance, seal-healing, clear film that protects vehicles from rock chips, scuffs, and light scratches. Advanced top coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks, when exposed to heat.

XPEL ULTIMATE Plus™ provides a crystal-clear finish and is virtually undectable. With industry leading design patterns specified for each vehicle make and model, there is no lifting or delamination. The film remains in place, keeping surfaces protected from contaminants. PPF doesn’t require any special maintenance, however, the film will be easier to clean if treated with XPEL’s Ceramic Coating.

This film is backed by a 10 year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty plan. See warranty information HERE.


Matte Finish 8 mil thickness

XPEL STEALTH™ is a satin paint protection film. Includes a satin urethane layer that protects vehicles from everyday damage including rock chips, scuffs, and light scratches and more. XPWL STEALTH™ can be applied to both factory gloss and matte paint schemes, resulting in a satin finish.

XPEL STEALTH™ Satin clear coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks. The sleek satin finish will change the look of gloss paint. Includes maximum durability with improved impact resistance and enhanced self-healing properties. Includes edge seal technology. PPF doesn’t require any special maintenance. However, the film will be easier to clean if treated with XPEL’s Ceramic Coating.

This film is backed by a 10 year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty plan. See warranty information HERE.

We Love and Trust XPEL Products With Their Industry-Leading Quality

We proudly serve the Greater Philadelphia Region, including: Newtown Square, West Chester, Reading, Pottstown, New Hope, King of Prussia, Philadelphia, Carneys Point, Willow Grove, Chester, Williamstown, New Castle, Wilmington, and the surrounding areas.

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