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The Details Are Super Important

Here are the most popular questions that we get asked on a regular basis. We love helping our customers to protect their vehicles and want them as informed as possible when making decisions about their coverage options!

Window Tint

How long does it take to tint my vehicle?

It depends! A lot of things like size of the windows, number of windows, and film type dictate how long it takes to tint. Usually we’ll give you a rough estimate when we schedule you, but a good guesstimate is: between 1.5 to 2 hours. 

And yep! You can wait in the shop while we do it!

Are all window films the same?

All window films are definitely not created equally. We’re proud to offer the window films (and PPF) manufactured by XPEL: one of the leading manufacturers of premium films in the United States. There are several options: including both a basic dyed film (CS) as well as nano-ceramic films (XR and XR PLUS.) We’ll go over everything with you when providing you with a quote and getting you scheduled.

Any of our XPEL PRIME Automotive window films carry a Lifetime Warranty direct from the manufacturer!

What's the legal limit in Pennsylvania?

Please see this document here for full legal regulations of window tint in the state of Pennsylvania: Click Here

What do the different percentages mean?

When you see, for instance, a 5% film: that means that 95% of visible light is filtered out, allowing just 5% of Visible Light Transmission (VLT.) The percentage is the amount of light allowed through the film.

I just had my windows tinted, why do they look hazy?

Totally normal!

The moisture that remains between the film and the glass after installation can cause a hazy, streaky, blotchy appearance. It takes several days for the film to completely cure. The remaining moisture will evaporate through the film; depending on the type of film, this process may take a couple of days, or even a couple of months (depending on your climate). When the water evaporates completely, your windows should have excellent clarity.

What should I use to clean my windows after I have them tinted?

After window film installation, wait a week before cleaning the inside of the window where the film was installed. After a week, use XPEL Anti-Static Window Film Cleaner with a soft microfiber cloth. Never scrape the film with any type of blade or clean your tinted windows with anything abrasive, as it will scratch the film. Most window cleaners marked as “tint-safe” will work, but we always recommend checking with the manufacturer of the cleaner before using it.

Do I need to wait to roll my windows down?

Yes, please!

We recommend that you leave your vehicle windows rolled up for at least 24-36 hours after window film has been installed, longer in colder weather. This allows the film to cure and adhere to the glass before the window is moved.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

How long does PPF last?

With proper care, PPF will last many miles, and is warrantied for 10 years against product defects. The length of time before replacement is needed is heavily dependent on miles driven, speed driven, track time, etc.

Is PPF removable?

Yep! Almost all factory pain jobs have no problem with removal. In rare cases, or with poor aftermarket repairs, PPF could damage paint upon removal.

What happens after the warranty is over?

After approximately 10 years, the film can become brittle and more difficult to remove. Because of this, it’s recommended to replace the film within the warranty period.

Can you see PPF once installed?

PPF is almost invisible to the naked eye. However, if you know there is film, and you are looking for it. You will see edges, seams, relief cuts, etc.

How long does it take to have PPF installed on my vehicle?

It depends! Because there are so many different coverage options, it can take anywhere from an hour for a basic wear and tear package to 5 days for a full wrap. We’ll let you know how long we need to have your vehicle when we provide you with a quote!

Can you wax PPF?

Yep! You always want to check with the wax manufacturer before applying, but PPF typically works well with most wax products.

What coverage options are available?

Pretty much anything and everything. We use state-of-the-art software that allows us to custom tailor coverage options to your needs and vehicle year/make/model. From a full wrap to just a few panels or pillars, our team can ensure your vehicle receives the coverage it deserves.

Ceramic Coating

Does it stop rock chips?

Nope. Ceramic coatings will definitely not stop rock chips. It can help prevent light scratches, but that’s about it.

What's the difference between ceramic coating and PPF?

Ceramic coating is a liquid coating that hardens. It gets applied to the surfaces of the vehicle and is designed to prevent environmental contamination from damaging your clear coat. 

Paint protection film is a physical film that is adhered to the vehicle to help absorb impact damage as well as help prevent things like rock chips, key scratches, light door dings, scrapes from rings/watches/purses, and loads more.

We typically recommend that ceramic coating is installed on top of the PPF to provide your vehicle with the best of both worlds and give you the lasting coverage you’re looking for!

Can you install PPF on top of ceramic coating?

Short answer: not without prep work. We’d first need to “strip” the ceramic coating away by doing a polish on the paint, exposing the factory clear coat, to THEN be able to install PPF.

We recommend that you get PPF installed first, then topcoated with a ceramic coating.

How long does a ceramic coating last?

Durability is highly dependent upon the environment and care of the coating. For instance, a garage-kept vehicle coating may last much longer than the 4 year XPEL FUSION PLUS warranty. In order to maintain the warranty, an annual checkup is required to be performed by an authorized XPEL dealership.

What surfaces do you apply ceramic coating to?

Ceramic coating can be applied to almost any surface, including: vehicle paint, panels, windows, wheels, calipers, and even the interior leather or panels! We’ll be happy to go over your options when discussing your specific needs.


Tell me about the Warranties.

Tint:  XPEL PRIME Automotive window films carry a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Paint Protection Film (PPF): XPEL Ultimate PPF films carry a 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty against manufacturer defects.

Ceramic Coating: XPEL FUSION PLUS ceramic coatings carry a 4 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty, provided an annual checkup is performed (by an authorized XPEL dealer)

Vinyl Wraps: Warranty is highly dependent on several variables, including manufacturer, installation, and care. Our team will provide this information to you when providing you with a quote.


For Full Details, visit XPEL’s Website HERE.

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